We all know that people are different and that is why interactions can become complicated.  That is true in our personal lives as well as in our work relationships.  But, if you are able to learn about your personality you may be able to improve your relationships.

Personality Traits

Those that want to surround themselves with individuals that are accepting will want to find individuals with an ESFP personality.  This person is going to be very friendly and outgoing.  He or she is going to love people and those things that make them comfortable in life.  If you have ever worked with someone that has this type of personality then you will notice that they often make work very fun for everyone they are with.  It is not difficult for them to adapt to new people and they will enjoy learning new things with the people around them.  In fact, that is how they learn the best.


The ESFP personality will become very excited when they are presented with new experiences.  This could be related to the fact that they are not really thrilled with structure and routines that they need to follow each and every day.  They will often fail to plan ahead and as they are more spontaneous.  While this person is independent, they enjoy people and they are interested in others.  Individuals like this also demonstrate great personal skills when they are interacting with those around them.  Someone like this is going to feel a very special bond to other people and even animals.

Child care workers and even social workers may have this type of personality.  Sales representatives and even interior designers have been found to have an ESFP personality.  If you have a personality like this then you could make a good consultant or performer.  The key for these people is to select a job that will keep them on their toes so that they are not continually doing the same thing over and over again.  Finding a job when you will have an opportunity to be around a lot of people is also a great idea.  If you can find a job where you will continually have new experiences then you may also find great happiness.


Making the most out of everything that they do will be a positive characteristic with these individuals.  They enjoying having fun and they continually want to have a new experience.  You are going to see that they are also very flexible and they will be able to go with the flow no matter what is going on.  If they are in a relationship that may not be good for them it will be possible for them to leave.  It might take them some time but they can follow through with this.  Those that have this type of personality will be very creative and artistic.  Many of their friends may also notice that they have really nice homes as they are often thought to be materialistic.

Something to keep in mind with this personality is that these individuals may not spend enough time focusing on their own needs.  In fact, they may even be found to abuse their bodies and neglect their own health.  Because these individuals are often bored easily you may find that they are going to be moving from one relationship to another.  Relationships that last a long time may be difficult for this person.  If you are involved in a relationship with this person you might find that they are often in love with the fact that they are in love.  However, they are not going to spend much time thinking about the future and where the relationship is going to go.  This can make relationships with this person difficult and stressful for those that are interested in long term relationships.

Famous People

Bob Hope is an ESFP personality as is Arsenio Hall. Mary Lou Retton, the great gymnast, will fit into this category as well.  If you watch NASCAR then you most likely know Kyle Petty and he has this type of personality also.  Saint Mark, the great evangelist, is also classified with those that were previously mentioned. If you like this and would like to know more about yourself, check out our Premium Profile.

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The Duty Seekers: The SJ Temperament:

ESTJ - Practical Expeditors

ESFJ - Practical Contributors

ISFJ - Compassionate Assimilators

ISTJ - Logical Assimilators

Action Seekers: The SP Temperament:

ESTP - Logical Responders

ESFP - Compassionate Responders

ISTP -Practical Analyzers

ISFP - Practical Enhancers

Knowledge Seekers: The NT Temperament:

ENTJ - Insightful Expeditors

ENTP - Logical Explorers

INTJ -Logical Visionaries

INTP -Insightful Analyzers

Ideal Seekers: The NF Temperament:

ENFJ - Insightful Contributors

ENFP  - Compassionate Explorers

INFJ - Compassionate Visionaries

INFP - Insightful Enhancers

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