Understanding your personality type can help you make some decisions in your life. You will learn about yourself as well as those that you interact with. It can become much easier for you to determine what type of job you should have as well as the types of relationships that may be the most beneficial for you. If you have an ISFJ personality you will want to continue reading.

Personality Traits

Someone with an ISFJ personality will be very polite yet quiet. He or she will also be very committed to meeting any of the obligations that they may have. Anything that they will do will be very accurate and they will take their time. When they are around someone that is important to them they will remember things that are important to them. They will also be very concerned with the feelings of others. This individual will work very hard to create an atmosphere that is friendly and where others get along. They do this at home and at work.


These professionals will always go out of their way to make sure that the job in front of them is complete. They are observant and they always notice how others feel. This person can make use of space and function well where they are at. They strive for peace at the workplace and throughout the rest of their lives. He or she will focus on the needs of others in order to accomplish this and to get the job done. The individuals that they work with will tell you that this person is considerate and kind. When it comes to learning they are going to do best in a hands on environment.

If you have this type of personality then you may be best at a job within the interior design field. You may even make a great social worker or counselor. There are a number of office managers that have this personality type as well. Clergy and religious leaders have been found to have this type of personality and even child care workers will be found to have this personality.


Someone with a personality type like this will always take their relationships seriously. He or she will also strive to create friendships that last a lifetime. They are wonderful listeners and they are willing to serve and please others at all times. While this may be true, they are not always the best at paying attention to their own needs. They will also have some difficulties moving into new directions as they may become comfortable in their current location.

If you are involved in a relationship with someone who has this personality type then you may find that they are going to hold in their own feelings. Someone like this is only going to express themselves if they have a very strong need to do so. This can be a rough situation is the person is being taken advantage of. They may not be able to talk about how they feel. These people can also have a difficult time accepting that a relationship is bad and they can have a difficult time getting out of it. When it comes to relationships, you may find that those with this personality type may use sexual intimacy as way to strengthen their bond with their loved one. They will strive to meet their loved one’s needs through deeds.

Famous People

There are a few really famous people that have this personality type. In fact, this is the personality type that Mother Theresa had. Jimmy Stewart was also known to have an ISFJ personality. The first lady, Barbara Bush was found to have this personality as well as Robert E. Lee.

Having the ability to learn about your own personality type can really play a role in your life. You will be able to make informed decisions about yourself and you will also have a better understanding of how you interact with others. It goes without saying that all people are different. However, when you have an understanding of who you are it can often become easier to understand your relationships. No one personality type is better than the others but they may play off of each other in particular ways. Understanding this can greatly improve your life. If you like this and would like to know more about yourself, check out our Premium Profile.

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The Duty Seekers: The SJ Temperament:

ESTJ - Practical Expeditors

ESFJ - Practical Contributors

ISFJ - Compassionate Assimilators

ISTJ - Logical Assimilators

Action Seekers: The SP Temperament:

ESTP - Logical Responders

ESFP - Compassionate Responders

ISTP -Practical Analyzers

ISFP - Practical Enhancers

Knowledge Seekers: The NT Temperament:

ENTJ - Insightful Expeditors

ENTP - Logical Explorers

INTJ -Logical Visionaries

INTP -Insightful Analyzers

Ideal Seekers: The NF Temperament:

ENFJ - Insightful Contributors

ENFP  - Compassionate Explorers

INFJ - Compassionate Visionaries

INFP - Insightful Enhancers

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