Personality Traits

Anyone that has an ENFJ personality will be warm and empathetic towards others. People like this are receptive to the needs of others when they are around them. Someone like this very kind and they will generally see the potential in others. These people are often very good leaders. When there is a need for change these individuals will be the ones to start it. Getting along with others, and being sociable, are personality traits that also go along with those who have this type of personality.

As you come into contact with someone who has this type of personality you may see that they are very busy and have a lot that they are involved in. This individual will also be searching for ways to improve throughout their life. They want to make the world a better place.


These people will be loyal employees and they are going to be very interested in others. They are very organized as well. Employees like this are going to be excited about new challenges but they will strive for approval from others. They need this to feel good about themselves. What is interesting about these people is that they will get a great deal of satisfaction out of helping those around them. If you hire someone with this personality type you may notice that they will also have really good communication skills.

Someone with this type of personality will be good at sales representation. An event coordinator or a manager may also have an ENFJ personality. Writers will fall into this category. So will politicians and diplomats.


When you are involved in a relationship with someone that has this personality you may notice that they will often strive for win win situations. They are a lot of fun to be with and they are very affectionate towards others. Some people will tell you that this person is going to bring out the best in those that they are around. If you are in a relationship with this person, and the relationship fails, you may find that they are going to be able to move on. However, this person is going to blame themselves for the break up.

Those with these traits will avoid conflict while they are in any type of relationship. They are often avoidant and they will do whatever it takes to make others happy. This means that they will also ignore their own needs. This may not be a problem for the other person but it will be a problem for them. They are also going to bend their own values and beliefs in order to make others happy.

There are a lot of people that are not comfortable with relationships that involve these individuals. This is because they have a tendency to smother the other person. They can also be very manipulative and controlling at times. While this may be true, they are very committed lovers and they will go out of their way to save the relationship. Once they have made a connection they will put forth a great deal of effort in order to make things work out. Someone with this personality will often give into conflict so that they are able to get it over with.

Famous People

There are a lot of famous individuals that have this type of personality. King David, the king of Israel, is one of these people. Ross Perot is another name that you might be familiar with. The great psychologist, Maslow, was an ENFJ personality. There are numerous actors that fall into this category. They include Bob Saget, Dick van Dyke, Andy Griffith, James Garner and even Randy Quaid.

This is one of the rarest types of personality that you will find. It only accounts for 3% of the population. 3% of women have this personality. It will only be found in 2% of men. These people will love museums, reading books and even putting together social events. The arts and even gourmet cooking could be found on the hobby list of one of these people. Even though this is one of the rarest types of personalities out there, there are a lot of individuals that have left their mark on the world that we know. If you like this and would like to know more about yourself, check out our Premium Profile.

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The Duty Seekers: The SJ Temperament:

ESTJ - Practical Expeditors

ESFJ - Practical Contributors

ISFJ - Compassionate Assimilators

ISTJ - Logical Assimilators

Action Seekers: The SP Temperament:

ESTP - Logical Responders

ESFP - Compassionate Responders

ISTP -Practical Analyzers

ISFP - Practical Enhancers

Knowledge Seekers: The NT Temperament:

ENTJ - Insightful Expeditors

ENTP - Logical Explorers

INTJ -Logical Visionaries

INTP -Insightful Analyzers

Ideal Seekers: The NF Temperament:

ENFJ - Insightful Contributors

ENFP  - Compassionate Explorers

INFJ - Compassionate Visionaries

INFP - Insightful Enhancers

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