If you really want to understand how you interact with others you should learn about your personality. This is a great way to fully understand who you are and how you may interact when you are with others. This is also a great way to determine what type of job is the best for you.

Personality Traits

This individual will not have any trouble accepting responsibility and becoming the leader. They will be very quick to make decisions. They are extremely logically and they are efficient. When it comes to policies and procedures they will know what they are doing and they are able to follow them without any complications. Individuals like this will enjoy setting goals and looking towards the future as well. They do best when they are able to see the future and plan for it.

There are not many people that like to look for new ways to do things. However, you will see this with these people. They love to look for new and efficient ways of doing things and they do not have a problem implementing something new that they think will help them out in the end. This person wants to be productive and they can also work with others so that they will be productive as well.


Many of these people will become administrators. They love to take a theory and then find a way to turn it into a practice. They are natural leaders and they do not shy away from being in charge. If someone around them is incompetent then they may have a hard time dealing with this. They do not like it when others are not able to show efficiency. This individual loves details and they will be able to make decisions quickly as well. These people will become judges, lawyers, consultants or even business owners. This is because they want to be leaders rather than followers.


Being in a relationship with someone who has this personality means that you are going to be with someone that is very direct. They will not beat around the bush. If they need to say something then they will. If the relationship does end they are able to move on without looking back and dwelling on it. Individuals like this that need constructive criticism will receive it well. He or she is not going to become angry about it. The commitments that they have will be taken very serious.

While these may be good traits, it is important to know some of their weaknesses. This person will not always be in tune with the thoughts and feelings of others. This can be difficult for a relationship. People like this may also try to intimidate others at times. It can also be very difficult for them to share any type of responsibility in the relationship because they always want to be in control. When they do have conversations with their loved ones they will want to be right. There is no grey area. It is always win or lose. Believe it or not, this person will also expect to have sex on a regular basis. This can be difficult for those that are not like this. He or she may also spend a great deal of time at work and this can be a problem.

Famous People

There are a number of famous people with this personality type and you may know some of them. Harrison Ford and Steve Martin are two actors with this type of personality. The American President Franklin D. Roosevelt had this type of personality. Others that you may know include Jim Carrey, Al Gore and Patrick Stewart. When you consider what some of these professionals have accomplished it is easy to see that they may fit this personality type very well.

This is actually one of the rarest types of personality you will find. There are only 3% of men with this personality and 1% of women. You are going to see that it only makes up 2% of the entire population. If you have this personality type then you may like to go to sporting events or social gatherings. You may even participate in events that are going to help you further your career. If you like this and would like to know more about yourself, check out our Premium Profile.

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The Duty Seekers: The SJ Temperament:

ESTJ - Practical Expeditors

ESFJ - Practical Contributors

ISFJ - Compassionate Assimilators

ISTJ - Logical Assimilators

Action Seekers: The SP Temperament:

ESTP - Logical Responders

ESFP - Compassionate Responders

ISTP -Practical Analyzers

ISFP - Practical Enhancers

Knowledge Seekers: The NT Temperament:

ENTJ - Insightful Expeditors

ENTP - Logical Explorers

INTJ -Logical Visionaries

INTP -Insightful Analyzers

Ideal Seekers: The NF Temperament:

ENFJ - Insightful Contributors

ENFP  - Compassionate Explorers

INFJ - Compassionate Visionaries

INFP - Insightful Enhancers

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