Learning your personality type can greatly impact the way that you interact with others. You will have better insight into your own reactions with others and the goals that you have set in your life. Keep in mind that there are 16 different personality types. None of them are better than any of the others but they may interact differently with each other.


Personality Traits

These individuals will be very original. They are not going to have any problems setting goals on their own and actually achieving them. These individuals will have high very high standards for themselves and those that are around them. Those that have this personality type will be able to see the possibilities in improvements and they will be very good problem solvers. Because they like to solve problems they may not be very good at dealing with people or situations that are unpredictable. Individuals with this personality type will be selective with his or her relationships as well.



Individuals that have this personality type will like challenges. They often enjoy theory and they will value their opinion over the opinion of others. If this person is expected to do the same thing over and over again they will become very bored. They prefer to be original and independent. Therefore, they will enjoy working alone rather than with large groups of people. Some people would even say that they are detached from others. On the flip side, they will follow others if they are able to support what the other person is thinking or what the other person is doing. Most of the people with this personality type will become lawyers or judges. They may even become scientists or engineers. Business managers may also be found to have this personality type.

What you have to understand is that these individuals are very good at looking at theories and how they can be applied to problems. They are continually looking for long term solutions. They can see the end result and how a particular solution will make an impact. These individuals are going to be happiest within career choices where they are able to be independent and have autonomy over their lives. Teachers and professors may have this personality type as well as individuals that are able to build their own organization. These careers definitely give them the individuality they want.



When those with this personality disorder are involved in a relationship they are going to be very committed. They will not be offended by criticism and they will be able to handle conflict when it comes their way. If the relationship ends they are going to be able to move on from it but they may continue to think about it for some time after it has ended. Someone with this personality type will also be a very good listener. While this is a great trait to have it is very important to know that someone with this personality type may have a hard time expressing their own feelings and thoughts within the relationship. They will continually look for ways that they can improve their relationship and this can be difficult for others to accept and deal with. If there is a problem in the relationship then they may not be willing to accept any of the blame related to that problem. When involved in relationships it will be important for these individuals to work on letting their partner be the right from time to time. Even though all of this is true, it is important to remember that most of these people will be involved in healthy relationships because they are able to remove themselves from the relationship if they are not happy.


Famous People

There are a few presidents that had this personality type. In fact, you will find that Eisenhower and Thomas Jefferson had this type of personality. Sir Isaac Newton was also in this category. Rudy Giuliani has this personality type and he became the mayor of New York and was very beneficial to the city when the 911 attacks took place. Dan Akroyd and Chevy Chase are amazing actors that have this personality type. If you like this and would like to know more about yourself, check out our Premium Profile.

Personality Test



The Duty Seekers: The SJ Temperament:

ESTJ - Practical Expeditors

ESFJ - Practical Contributors

ISFJ - Compassionate Assimilators

ISTJ - Logical Assimilators

Action Seekers: The SP Temperament:

ESTP - Logical Responders

ESFP - Compassionate Responders

ISTP -Practical Analyzers

ISFP - Practical Enhancers

Knowledge Seekers: The NT Temperament:

ENTJ - Insightful Expeditors

ENTP - Logical Explorers

INTJ -Logical Visionaries

INTP -Insightful Analyzers

Ideal Seekers: The NF Temperament:

ENFJ - Insightful Contributors

ENFP  - Compassionate Explorers

INFJ - Compassionate Visionaries

INFP - Insightful Enhancers

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