Having an understanding of your personality may be one of the best things that you can do for yourself. This will help you understand your interactions with others as well as who you are inside. Many people have found this to be very helpful as they consider their career choices as well. Consider the following to related to the INTP personality and see if it fits you.

Personality Traits

These individuals are going to be more concerned with ideas as opposed to interactions with others. They will be able to adapt well in numerous situations but they will also remain relatively quiet. If they are interested in something they will be able to focus in order to solve problems within that area. If you have ever been around one of these people then you might think that they are not paying attention to you. What you will find is that they are continually observing and thinking about what is going on around them. Many people will observe that these individuals are not very conventional and they are so concerned with thoughts that they may not pay attention to superficial things like what their house looks like or the clothing that they are wearing. These individuals are going to be very concerned with science, math and even computers.


When someone has an INTP personality he or she will value knowledge and competence. They have very high standards when they are doing something. They also have the same for others. This person will be very creative and have great insight and they focus on the future. While working on tasks this person is going to enjoy being alone as they value autonomy. They work best when they are alone. Some individuals that work with these people will also report that this person may be eccentric.

If you have this type of personality then you may be a great strategic planner. You may also enjoy work in the law field as an attorney or a judge. Photographers and writers will be seen to have this personality type. Physics and chemistry scientists will have an INTP personality and they often value their own opinion over that of others. This professional will work to discover the truth and they enjoy the hard work that goes into this.


Individuals that have this personality type will be very laid back. In many cases they will refer to their partner and let him or her make the decisions. Conflict and criticism is not going to bother the person that has this type of personality. Their needs are minimal and they will not be demanding within the relationship.

On the other hand, this person may be distrusting of others. They are going to be very slow when it comes to responding to the emotional needs of those around them. If this person is involved in a relationship that is bad, or unhealthy, they may not be able to leave it. When there is a conflict they will either completely ignore it or they will become very angry and blow up.

Relationships with these individuals will be very simple. They like to do things internally and they will not beat around the bush. They are often straight forward and honest with their partners because they like to keep things simple. However, they are passionate and they have really good imaginations. He or she will make things interesting and excitable for the relationship.

Famous People

John Adams was a President that was known to have this type of personality. The INTP personality can also be seen with philosophers as well. You may find it interesting that Socrates, Einstein, and even Descartes had this type of personality. When you consider the fact that those with this type of personality enjoy thinking it seems that it would fit some of the great “thinkers” throughout our history.

You will see that this personality type is one of the least common you will see out in the population. It is only going to account for roughly 3% of the entire population. This is seen in men, at 5%, more than women. In fact, only 2% of women will have this type of personality. If you like this and would like to know more about yourself, check out our Premium Profile.

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